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Our Frequently Asked Questions

We charge by the hour and willonly charge for the time spent on site. All pricing is upfront –give our friendly office staff a call on 6260 1332 to get a free quote.

We generally have someone knocking on your door within 3 hours of receiving your emergency request. When you call, our team will be able to give you an indication of when one of our Plumbers will be arriving, so you know when to expect them.

Gas leaks can cause serious harm and danger if left unattended. We recommendshutting off the gas valve at the meter and calling 6260 1332 to arrange to have a licensed Gas Fitter attend straight away.

If you believe that you have had a burst water pipe andcan see unexplained water pooling on your property, turn offwater at the main immediately. This will prevent any further water damage and loss from occurring. Call our office staff on 6260 1332 and we will arrange to have a Plumber attend as soon as possible. If you have water coming out on your nature strip, we recommend you call ICON water on 131 193.

Signs of blocked drains include slow draining, foul odours, gurgling sounds or changes in water levels after flushing the toilet. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you give us a call before the problem gets any worse. If you’re still unsure, give our friendly team a call on 6260 1332 to describe your problem and we’ll let you know if we can assist.

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