Blocked Toilets

If you think you have a blocked toilet in Canberra, MSJ is your local reliable plumber. The team at MSJ Plumbing Group are ready and equipped and will have your blocked toilet cleared today!

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MSJ Plumbing offers same day service for emergencies and upfront, fixed pricing with no hidden costs.

Signs that you may have a blocked toilet:

  • Toilet is overflowing
  • Toilet is making a gurgling sound
  • Water level rising within the bowl after flushing
  • Slow to drain or not draining at all
  • Toilet is making strange sounds when flushing
  • Wet floor around the toilet

Common causes of blocked toilets:

  • Tree roots obstructing the line
  • Foreign matter being flushed i.e. wipes, sanitary items, kids toys
  • Too much toilet paper being flushed at once
  • Damaged pipes due to age, tree root obstruction and general wear and tear

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