Having recurrent drainage issues?

You may benefit from having a CCTV drainage inspection. CCTV inspections can diagnose issues not visible to the naked eye.

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Our CCTV camera can be run down the entire length of your drain, allowing us to record the current condition of your drains. This type of inspection enables us to locate any blockages and note faults, depths and locations of specific problems.

Blockages occur for many reasons, some of the most common being:

  • Tree roots
  • Build-up of fat in the line
  • Cracked or crushed pipework
  • Debris in the line

Should the CCTV inspection detect a problem, the footage recorded can determine the best course of action for rectifying your drainage.

In some cases, excavation isn’t always necessary. MSJ Plumbing offers trenchless or ‘no-dig’ drainage repairs across Canberra and surrounds, where your pipework can be repaired without having to dig up your beloved garden. For further information on Pipe Relining (or ‘no-dig’ drainage repairs), please see our Capital Pipe Relining website

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