10 Most Common Residential Plumbing Emergencies & Solutions

Plumbing emergencies can be of multiple types and it is prudent for homeowners to have a brief idea about various plumbing emergencies arising in a residence.

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10 Most Common Residential Plumbing Emergencies & Solutions

26th November 2020

If you own a home, then you must be familiar with plumbing issues. They creep up every now and then and, with lack of proper maintenance, if left unattended, they can result in major issues like pipe leaks, water logging in walls, etc. Plumbing emergencies can be of multiple types and it is prudent for homeowners to have a brief idea about various plumbing emergencies arising in a residence. 10 of the most common plumbing emergencies are mentioned below and we have also listed their possible solutions.

  • Dripping faucets and taps

A dripping faucet or tap is something you usually find in most households. This issue is caused by a faulty inside washer that has either worn out over time or has got torn. While you may solve the problem with the right tools, it is always better to hire experts to get the job done.

  • Slow Drainage in sink

This issue is usually found in the kitchen. Food items in the kitchen are the usual suspects that cause this. Using boiling water or a mix of vinegar with baking soda usually helps however, you may have to use the plunger or a plumber’s snake for persistent clogs

  • Low pressure in taps

When your house is an old one, chances are the plumbing is as old as the house. Corrosion or sediments depositing overtime is the root cause of this emergency which jam the pipes. Shower heads if cleaned with baking soda and vinegar increase the pressure with which the water spurts out.

  • Clogged shower drain

Hair, soap, and paper are usually responsible for this emergency. Over time this stuff gets hardened and simply blocks the pipes. The only solution here is to fix the plunger tightly using petroleum jelly and have a go at it. Professional help is always advisable.

  • Running Toilet

A lot of water is lost through a running toilet which increases the water bill. The fault is with the flapper valve here. Use a toilet repair kit to fix the problem as a DIY project. Using food colouring to track leakages often helps identify leaks.

  • Toilet Clog

Our worst nightmare comes true when the toilet clogs. Paper and foreign objects always cause this problem. Non-decomposable objects should not be dumped in the toilet. The solution to this is using the plumber’s snake that loosens the constriction.

  • Leaking pipe

Often difficult to locate and usually identified by dampness in walls, this is a quite common emergency in households. Mostly joints have leakages and using composites, fillers and tapes help solve the issue temporarily. You will need professional services of MSJ Plumbing for such emergencies.

  • Sewer System Backups

This one is the most inconvenient as it causes the bad odour to linger around the house. Usually the water company is involved in fixing this issue. However, if the issue originates from your house only a plumber can solve it for you.

  • Failure of water heater

Sediment build-up or a faulty thermostat causes this emergency in residences. Sometimes relighting the pilot light fixes the issue but beyond that it is advised that you hire a plumber to solve this problem.

  • Pipe burst in winters

Water expands during winters and maintaining the temperature of water is essential to prevent such emergencies. Letting out cold water periodically will prevent water from freezing and bursting the pipe.

Although many a times plumbing emergencies can be fixed yourself but hiring professional services of MSJ Plumbing will save both time and efforts you put in to resolve all your plumbing issues.

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