7 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

From major expensive repairs to small fixable issues, plumbing emergencies come in different shapes and sizes. Here we discuss some of the most common plumbing problems...

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7 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

26th November 2020

Here we discuss some of the most common plumbing problems that you can face as a house owner or a tenant and how one can resolve those issues.

  1. Pipe Leakages: This is the most damaging problem as it creates dampness which not only invites bugs and mold but also damages floors and furniture if left unchecked. Leaks occur at joints of pipes and you will need a plumber from MSJ Plumbing to not only repair but identify hidden ones.
  2. Clogging of Shower Drain: With hair and soap collecting in drains over time, shower drains get easily clogged. This issue can be fixed by either using a plunger or by adding a few chemicals in the drain directly.
  3. Dripping faucets: The simplest of the issues yet requiring specialized tools to fix. The problem lies with torn washers or washers that have become stiff over time. You will need to replace the washer using plumbing tools to overcome this.
  4. Pipe Bursting during Winters: Although occurring in places where winters are severe, nonetheless this is a serious issue that requires you to take care of your pipes in a periodic fashion. Cold water needs to be allowed to drain from pipes periodically and water temperature must be maintained equal during day and night.
  5. Slow draining in sinks: With use over time sediments deposit in pipes that harden and reduce the amount of space available for water to flow freely through them. Sometimes it is also food items of soft objects that cause the problem. For softer items, pouring boiling water or mixture of vinegar and baking soda works fine however, if the problem persists, you will have to take help of a plumber.
  6. Running toilets: A common issue with houses having old plumbing systems that causes you to lose gallons of water in a year and adds to the water bill. The cause of this is a small flapper valve that needs replacement. Sometimes, the sedimentation in the tank prevents full operation of pipe systems and hence you will need a toilet repair kit to fix this issue.
  7. Sewer System Backups: This one is a major issue that your home plumbing can face and can only be solved through professional services of MSJ Plumbing. Either the main or any tertiary sewer could be clogged that is preventing proper drainage from your house. You might have to involve your water company to resolve this issue.

Whatever plumbing problem you are facing, help is just a click away. Reach out to us here and avail the best professional services for all your plumbing needs.

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