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24/7 Drain Cleaning
in Canberra

Blocked drains or sewage lines? Get it fixed today and avoid the mess tomorrow. At MSJ Plumbing, we offer 24/7 same day drain cleaning, inspection and repairs across Canberra.   

How it Works

1. Request Assistance

If you think you have a blockage, get in touch and we’ll send a specialist team out within a few hours.

2. Assess the Blockage

We’ll use our equipment to pinpoint the blockage & recommend the best possible solution.

3. Clear the Blockage

We’ll clear the blockage on the spot so you can get your drains working normally again.

We can assist with all kinds of drainage issues

Blocked bathroom drains

Whether they're filling up with wastewater or are slow draining, you can call us anytime to get assistance with unblocking sink, bath or shower drains.

Blocked stormwater drains

Heavy rains and storms can bring to light blockages that cause issues like water pooling around your property or overflowing gutters. We can diagnose & clear stormwater drain blockages.

Blocked kitchen drains

Bad smells around your kitchen sink or a sink that won't drain are signs that you have a blockage. Give us a call for same day assistance.

Blocked sewer drains

While your blockage may be isolated to the sink, toilet, bath or shower, or in some cases, the clog may be found in the main sewer drain. We can help pinpoint the blockage & clear it.

Blocked toilet drains

Dealing with an overflowing toilet is not only gross, it's also a huge inconvenience. An overflowing toilet means water can’t pass through the pipes. If the problem persists, give us a ring.

Blocked laundry drains

Over time, buildup can accumulate causing water to spill from your washing machine drain or laundry drains to clog. If you need help clearing a blockage, give MSJ Plumbing a call.

"I knew something was wrong when I saw water flowing into the bath whenever I flushed the toilet. Sure enough, my wife calls me at work later that week to tell me our toilet is completely overflowing...
read more

I gave MSJ Plumbing a call straight away and they got there in a few hours and cleared the blockage. While I didn’t get to meet the guys that came over, my wife mentioned they were really friendly, polite and professional. They made sure they found the source of the problem and I really appreciated them giving me a call to explain what they’d done. Great service.

Dave Leen

Don't go another day with sewer or drainage issues.

Are your drains producing unpleasant smells or gurgling sounds? Is your shower, bath or basin slow to drain after use? Is there waste water flooding your property with sewage?
Don’t risk your family’s health or potential property damage. The longer a blockage is left, the harder it can be to fix. We can assess the problem and get it resolved today.
Clearing Techniques

How we clear blocked
drains & sewage lines


CCTV Inspections

Using CCTV cameras we can pinpoint the exact cause and location of a blockage and assess the structural integrity of your drains. This means that we’ll find the problem and address the solution faster, and let you know of any risks to be aware of for the future.   


Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

Our hydro jetting machines use high pressure water to cut through any debris, grease, tree roots. This powerful tool allows us to reach deep into the pipe to clear blockages without excavation.


Electric Eel Drain Cleaning

Our Electric Eel uses flexible cables and rotating cutting tools to clear blockages in sewer and storm water pipes, cutting through tree roots, grease, leaves and soil build-up.


Acid Treatment Cleaning

Minor drain blockages caused by hair, soap or grease may be resolved with a heavy-duty professional acid treatment.

Canberra Suburbs We Service

Canberra Central
Molonglo Valley
Weston Creek
Woden Valley

Got a blocked drain or sewage line?

Don't risk using a cheap plumber or investing in a cocktail of supermarket drain cleaners. It may save you in the short term, but can end up costing you a lot more. Blocked drains or sewer lines that aren't cleared by a professional can lead to property damage or create unhygienic living conditions for you and your family. Get peace of mind by hiring a pro who can pinpoint the issue with the right equipment. We charge by the hour and usually fix most blockages within 1-2. It's a small investment that can save you time, money & future inconvenience.

“We arrived home after a 3 week overseas holiday to find our outdoor drains overflowing and a muddy mess outside. Not the welcome home we were hoping for! We’d never had issues like this before and I had no idea who to call or how much I should pay... read more

The guys at MSJ Plumbing were really knowledgeable and answered all my questions. It was definitely worth getting someone in to do the job properly and I’m so glad I’ve found a reliable plumber I can call in the future.”

louise Hughes

About MSJ Plumbing

At MSJ Plumbing, we've been fixing & fitting Canberra's plumbing & gas for over 30 years. We guarantee the quality of all our work and materials, offering you transparent upfront fixed prices and hassle free 24/7 service. Our family run team prides itself on quality workmanship, expert advice and exceptional customer service.

Why MSJ Plumbing?

Licensed Plumbing Professionals

MSJ Plumbing has been helping Canberra locals to clear their blocked drains and sewers for over 30 years. All of our plumbers are licensed professionals and experienced in assessing drainage problems.

Emergency Plumbing Assistance

There’s never a good time for a blocked drain or sewage line, and sometimes the next business day just isn’t an option. When you need us, we’re available, 24/7.

Long-term Drainage Solutions

While we’d love you to call us again, we want to ensure that any drainage problems are fixed properly, the first time. We can use our CCTV cameras to assess the integrity and quality of your drainage system and will let you know if there are any issues you should be aware of moving forward.

Transparent Pricing & Friendly Advice

Don’t know much about plumbing? That’s ok! We’ll happily explain exactly the problem, solution and recommendations for avoiding the same issue in the future. We pride ourselves on our work and want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best decision for your property, so you can always expect transparent pricing and friendly advice at MSJ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Blocked Drains & Sewers?

Depending on what your drain is being used for, blockages may be caused by grease, food scraps, nappies, excessive paper, hair, tree roots or even kids toys. The cause of the blockage will influence how we clear it, which is why we use CCTV to assess the problem before we do anything else.

How Much Do you Charge?

We charge by the hour and most blockages are cleared by our team within one hour. Once we have assessed the problem we can give you a time estimate to complete the job.

How Long Will it Take to Fix?

Our team aim to get your drains working normally as soon as possible and most blockages can be cleared within one hour. Once we’ve assessed your situation, we’ll be able to give you an indication of how long we’ll take to fix it.


We kindly request that you settle your account with our team on the day. For your convenience, we've fitted our vehicles with EFTPOS machines for credit and debit card payments.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

We generally have someone knocking on your door within 3 hours of receiving your request. When you call, our team will be able to give you an indication of when one of our team members will be arriving so you know when to expect them.

Do you clear drains in all Canberra suburbs?

Yes, we service all areas throughout Canberra, including Belconnen, Canberra Central, Gungahlin, Jerrabomberra, Majura, Molonglo Valley,  Murrumbateman, Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan,Weston Creek, Woden Valley & Yass.

I'm not sure if my drain is clogged, should i call?

Signs of blocked drains include slow draining, foul odours, gurgling sounds or changes in water levels after flushing the toilet. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you give us a call before the problem gets any worse. If you're still unsure, give our friendly team a call to describe your problem and we'll let you know if we can assist.

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